给杰德·阿明, 通信设计[j], 参观纽约服装区曾经意味着为班级购买布料, quick pit stops that failed to reveal the depth of the area’s vibrant commercial ecosystem.

现在她在她曾经经过的一栋建筑里工作, surrounded by skilled technicians and marketing professionals as part of an internship with Ameliora这是一家为女性生产时尚工作服的公司. 这段经历让她明白, 历史上以其关键作用而闻名 在服装设计和生产方面, 仍然是创造力和手工艺的重要中心

“Getting to see all the different sides of the business has been really informative for me in terms of thinking about what I would like to do in the future,阿明说, 她还辅修时尚和可持续发展研究. “I can see how I could get in on the system side of [the fashion industry] to help make sure that everything is working in a sustainable, 循环的方式.”

该实习由澳门足球博彩在线社区发展中心管理 纽约制造 倡议,资金来自 服装区联盟. 纽约制造为超过1家公司提供营销和网络支持,600 local manufacturers and the internship program was conceived to meet the particular creative needs of Garment District companies. 纽约制造 学习实验室 同样利用澳门足球博彩在线的创意社区举办技能研讨会, 一对一的协商, 创意营销支持, 包括图片, 免费提供给当地企业.

萨莎Sorokina, 传播设计(平面设计)学士学位' 26, interned at 翼 & 纬手套/照片由Jacob Grumulaitis为纽约制造/澳门足球博彩在线中心

A total of eight students are participating in the part-time internship program, 每个人受雇于不同的公司, 将面对面工作和远程工作相结合.

“有些是实践性很强的时尚实习, 另一些则更多是基于交流和社交媒体,罗宾·莫利康说, adjunct associate professor – CCE in the School of Design and the internship coordinator. “Students get more in-depth experience than the usual internship because they’re there for an extended period of time. 他们对正在进行的项目非常投入, 了解他们的团队, 收集一些很棒的经历,把它们写在简历上.” 

“大多数时尚行业的实习都没有报酬,”她补充说. “And it can be challenging for fashion students who are required to do internships for credit to graduate to balance school and an internship and then also a job that pays. One of the highlights of this program is the students are being paid for their time.”

Ammeen has worked on a range of digital and in-person projects because of the hybrid nature of the Ameliora internship, 是她在国外生活时开始的吗. 她已经能够创建和管理社交媒体内容, 制作情绪板, 说明各种产品, 监督照片拍摄. She’s also learned about different project management systems for brainstorming, 组织, 执行任务.

“Having the opportunity to do creative direction for a photoshoot was fun,”她说。. “I was kind of dipping my toes in the water of directing the model on what you should be doing and where to go and interacting with the space, 这对我来说绝对是全新的体验.”

Jade Ammeen, 通信设计[j], conducting a photoshoot for Ameliora.

“My boss has been very open to hearing what I have to say and want to do and working with that, 我认为这在实习中非常重要,”她说。. “You definitely get to be involved here and learn more about the inner workings of the brand.”

萨莎Sorokina, 传播设计(平面设计)学士学位' 26, realized that they want to pursue a career as a creative director during their internship with 翼 & 纬手套这家公司专门生产定制手套.

“I have a lot of interests in different art mediums and I wouldn’t really want to be limited,他们说. “我唯一没有任何经验的是摄影, 但最后我负责摄影工作, 使用照明, 创建组, 获得道具, just like 组织 everything and having a system in place for how everything’s gonna get done.”

索罗金娜已经成为了翼的多面手 & 纬手套, 说明社交媒体活动, 为活动制作横幅和海报, 甚至重新设计了该品牌手套上的不同标签. 他们将自己的创作自由归功于首席执行官凯蒂·苏·尼克洛斯.

Illustration by 萨莎Sorokina, 传播设计(平面设计)学士学位' 26, for 翼 & 纬手套
Illustration by 萨莎Sorokina, 传播设计(平面设计)学士学位' 26, for 翼 & 纬手套

“She makes sure that everybody always feels really comfortable and does what they came there to do,索罗金娜说. “我认为,如果我在一家更大的公司工作, 我不确定我是否能得到这么多的关注和照顾.”

翼 & 纬手套 was in high demand during New York Fashion Week this fall and Sorokina said they have been impressed with Nicklos’ emphasis on supporting local vendors. 

“They source all their materials from the companies in the Garment District,他们说. “这是一个非常紧密和强大的社区.”

余露西, 博鳌亚洲论坛时装设计' 25, has also seen how the Garment District remains a place of creative innovation and bustling activity during her time as a social media intern with 纽约刺绣工作室, 提供刺绣, 印刷, 新奇的机器, 激光, 打褶, 穿孔开始, 装饰材料, 并为时尚客户修剪.

“在社交媒体和网站管理之上, 我也帮助客户管理他们的项目,”她说。. “We’ve had a lot of big customers coming in because fashion week just ended—Tory Burch, 布兰登·麦克斯韦, 还有奥斯卡·德拉伦塔.”

纽约刺绣工作室 workshop / Photo by Jacob Grumulaitis for 纽约制造 / 澳门足球博彩在线 Center

Yu说她也会参加活动来捕捉内容, 撰写博客文章,并帮助管理社交媒体. 快节奏的环境起初让她感到害怕, 但她的经理们一直都很支持和帮助她. 

“我确实学到了更好的时间管理技巧,”她说. “You have to be really careful with the projects and help customers pay attention to the time frame because everything is so important in this whole process and brands always want to get something as soon as possible.” 

余露西, BFA时装设计' 25,纽约刺绣工作室

Yu has even gotten a chance to embroider garments during a pop-up event at Bloomingdale’s and hopes to incorporate embroidery in her final fashion project at 澳门足球博彩在线. 总的来说,这次实习明确了她的职业目标. She loves working with people and her time at 纽约刺绣工作室 has helped her see a viable path forward in fashion on the public relations side. 

“纽约刺绣工作室在这个行业有很多人脉,”她说. “I thought I knew before how there’s a lot of processes and it takes a lot of work for a piece to be done, 但我没有意识到在纽约刺绣工作室有多少奇迹发生.”

Embroidery work from 纽约刺绣工作室 / Photo by Jacob Grumulaitis for 纽约制造 / 澳门足球博彩在线 Center

“That’s the thing that’s really amazing about the Garment District internships,” Mollicone said. “他们和很多专业人士一起工作, skilled people and it’s great for the students to be exposed to businesses that they normally wouldn’t encounter. You know, when students go to the Garment District, they shop on street level, for the most part. And there are a lot of amazing things tucked away in buildings that they might never get to otherwise.”