Charlotte Böhning, MID ' 23,最近收到 国家詹姆斯·戴森奖 为了她的论文设计, 勇敢港, 一个成衣, 可定制的设备,谨慎地控制口腔废物.

People undergo ostomy surgery to help them manage bowel movements following an illness or other complication. 这个过程会在肠道和腹部形成一个洞, 叫做气孔, 这样可以让废物排出体外. The prevailing way to collect and dispose of this waste involves attaching plastic bags to the stoma that have to be worn 24 hours a day. 

Böhning learned that many ostomates find bags and accompanying straps and braces to be ill-fitting, 不舒服, 和昂贵的.

勇敢港 responds to these concerns in a number of ways by drawing on design principles from the field of prosthetics. The device’s washability and reusability also controls costs and minimizes the amount of plastic waste generated, following a larger trend across industries toward reducing single-use plastics.


Böhning已经采访了世界各地的数十位演说家, 收集了大量的人种学研究, 咨询和合作的主要医疗从业者,包括博士. 塞Pigazzi, the Chief of Colorectal Surgery at New York Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medical Center, 并创造了超过65个原型机. 

She recently spoke about how her time at 澳门足球博彩在线 informed her approach to design and facilitated the creation of 勇敢港, 和她一样 富有成果的 伙伴关系 with fellow 澳门足球博彩在线 graduate Mary Lempres, BFA Fine Arts (Painting) ’18; MID ’23.  

作为论文项目的一部分,你研究了Gutsy Port. 这个想法是如何产生的? 

I joined the MID program in 2020 and we started thinking about thesis projects during the second year. I had always been drawn to medical design and medical devices because I was really interested in how much impact you could have on people’s day-to-day lives and the human-centered design process.

I started talking to my close friend Grace who actually had to undergo ostomy surgery when she was 26 and will have an ostomy bag basically for the rest of her life. 我们谈了很多关于造口术产品和造口护理空间以及如何, 根据她的经验, 尽管这个包确实提高了她的生活质量, 她还是有很多问题. We were surprised to learn that the bag has remained the standard of care for over seventy years. 这就是最初的想法和头脑风暴开始的地方. 我说, “好吧, 我怎么能, 在Grace和其他同事的帮助和指导下, 重新思考接下来会发生什么? What other solutions might be out there for a market that’s been stagnant for so long?’

How did being at 澳门足球博彩在线 help you advance a complex design project like this?

我的论文导师, rebecca Pailes-Friedman(工业设计教授), was a massive help especially because she’s really experienced with wearables and also textiles. She was able to give me feedback on how to make sure the design could integrate well with the human body as a wearable. 

总的来说是MID部门, 尤其是Ignacio Urbina Polo[工业设计主席], 安妮塔·库尼[设计学院院长], and Matte Nyberg [assistant chairperson of Industrial Design; visiting assistant professor of Industrial Design], 在整个过程中真的支持你吗, giving feedback and pushing me to think beyond my early ideas when I was still confined to the bag and I was still thinking that making the bag better had to be the solution.

The thesis advisors do periodic check-ins and all the advisors have different specialties or takes on design. 有些人更关注产品的情感体验, while others were more technical and focused more on materials or form or 3D modeling. So having all those different voices really guide you throughout the process and push you to think more innovatively was one of the biggest takeaways I’ve had.


我非常依赖 木工店 创建低保真度的模型,不需要耗费大量的时间和金钱. The people who work there really know what they’re doing and can help with that initial stage of prototyping. 当我开始思考如何获得更高保真度的模型时, 校园里的3D打印是一个巨大的帮助. There’s a 3D scanner that allowed me to scan a stoma shape or body part and then build CAD [computer-aided design] directly onto that body part. That was really, really awesome to have access to all of those different facilities at 澳门足球博彩在线.

勇敢港 seems to be part of a growing trend toward reusability and sustainability across product sectors. 你在澳门足球博彩在线大学期间对可持续发展的重视程度如何?  

My friend Mary Lempres and I did a lot of projects at 澳门足球博彩在线 with different biomaterials and thought a lot about how to make our designs more regenerative for the environment. 澳门足球博彩在线肯定非常关注可持续发展. MID项目的每一节课都有关于可持续性的讨论. 我上了一门课, 可持续性 & 生产, with Frank Millero [adjunct associate professor in the School of Design] who was amazing and a big help during my time at 澳门足球博彩在线. We learned that even if you’re making products with traditional plastics or something that might seem at face value to be an unsustainable choice, you can still maximize the sustainability impact of the product in other phases of the design process. 澳门足球博彩在线 teaches you that you have a lot of responsibility when you’re making something that’s going to be put out into the world and used by a lot of people.


How does the James Dyson award help you bring 勇敢港 to the next level?

分享这个消息真是太棒了. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from all over the world from people who have stomas, 或者你的家人也有, 表达兴趣,真的想看到这个产品的生活. 这真的很鼓舞人心,很感人. 

如果你是全国冠军,你会得到一笔钱, 他们会公布一份国际入围名单, 这是非常关键的. It would allow me to go from a provisional patent to a full utility design patent. It would allow me to do more testing, license the idea, and really bring it to life.


If anyone is interested or has ideas or wants to learn more, definitely reach out. 就澳门在线足球赌博的学生而言, 尤其是MID项目的人, I think one of the wonderful things about 澳门足球博彩在线 is you don’t need to have studied industrial design before. 设计正变得越来越具有交叉性和跨功能. 无论你有什么背景都是有好处的.